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Outgrown your computer ?

Australian Owned.

Whether cottage or corporate, DSLIP can help with maintenance, upgrades and planning for all your computer needs.

As your business and it's need's grow, will your computer network fulfill your requirements; Now and in the Future ?

Let network certified specialist's design and deploy a scalable robust network for you, over a small office or in a restricted wide area network, DSLIP is the answer.





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Bigpond Wireless Broadband

Bigpond Wireless Broadband

DSLIP server support computer systems Australia

Bigpond Wireless Broadband

Based in Willunga, South Australia

DSLIP is dedicated to providing quality computers & repair facilities in Australia and executive computer workstations and servers.

Australia's computer specialists

DSLIP Computers - quality computer systems, servers & upgrades at low prices. DSLIP can provide you with assistance in all aspects of IT including servers & network support

DSLIP is proud to announce its Australian Computer Hardware component listing and Prices. With the highest regard for Quality and Performance we are proud to offer to you products and compontents from the worlds leading computer hardware component manufacturers. Over 15 years experience with 'pc' or personal computer hardware DSLIP can assure you of a quality computer with high performance everytime.

Internet Access provided by DSLIP. DSLIP is proud to announce its now a registered Telstra Dealer & can advise you on your wireless broadband needs

For further information please check our DSLIP internet access pricing information.

DSLIP is an Australian owned company based in Willunga, South Australia DSLIP Computers

DSLIP Computers Australia will provide you with quality server support & network integration. Visit us today.